Birthday Celebration

A Special Day for Your Child!


Here at the Rocking Horse Montessori Nursery we make birthdays a very special event by doing something a little bit different.

The child's own special day is a wonderful opportunity for building self-esteem and confidence and is also an opportunity to create an atmosphere of friendship, sharing and a sense of belonging. 

We hope it will also be an occasion for everyone to remember.


The Birthday celebration 

The children, teachers and visitors gather together and sit outside an ellipse marked on the floor. A candle, smaller candles in holders and some 'surprise' items are placed in the centre of the ellipse.

The teacher will light the candle and will remind the children that it is fire and is very hot, so they must sit and watch carefully. The teacher begins by explaining that the candle in the middle represents the sun - the sun that we see up in the sky - the sun is a great ball of fire that keeps on burning and doesn't go out. 

Taking the globe and walking very slowly around the elliptical line, the teacher continues to explain 'this globe represents our planet Earth where we live. The planet Earth goes around the sun. It takes a long time for the earth to go around the sun. Every time the earth goes all the way around the sun, a whole year has gone by.'

The child, whose birthday it is will then be invited to take the globe and begin walking slowly around the line, just as the teacher did. As the child begins walking, so the teacher tells the life story of the child, and shows photographs from each year of the child's life. 

'Today is ..............'s birthday, and we are going to celebrate it in a very special way. ........... is going to carry the globe and will walk slowly around the line - for example four times - because he/she is four years old today. Let's begin...'

The celebration will then proceed with the child's life story being told. When the child has walked around once, the first smaller candle is lit, and so on until all the candles have been lit.

' ........ is now four years old. The planet earth has gone around the sun four times - four years have gone by since ........ was born.'

Once this had been completed, then we sing our special birthday song. Finally the birthday person will be invited to blow out the candles that represented the number of years, and then to blow out the candle representing the sun. 


The birthday celebration symbolizes the passage of our planet Earth around the Sun, and gives the child both an initial impression of the earth/sun relationship and the passage of years from his/her birth to the present day. It is both a geography and history lesson! 


The Birthday Song 

'...........'s Birthday now is here.

He/she has passed another year.

So we wish him/her joy today,

Happy work and happy play.' 


Before the day 

Before your child's birthday we will agree a date for the celebration -  we try to hold it as close as possible to the actual day. The celebration usually takes place towards the end of the session and lasts for about 15 minutes.

Please let us have photos of your child to mark developmental milestones, i.e. just born, one year old, two years, three years etc. We place the photographs on our special birthday board for a few days, for all the children to look at and enjoy before being returned to you.

You are welcome to send in a special cake/cakes for your child to share with his/her friends at snack time. We can advise on how many children will be attending that day so that you can plan accordingly. 


We are aware that the child will be in the 'spotlight' and will be the focus of attention. It may (for some children) be a daunting experience - and no child is ever forced to take part.