What do the children get up to?

Of course there are too many things that we do at the nursery to show them all, but how about an overview of what the children get up to?

Every week, children have the opportunity to join in some  musical education, learning about music fundamentals, singing new songs and playing instruments. 

On Wednesdays, children can stay for the afternoon 'Lunch Bunch' and are invited to work on special projects.

There are also some group lessons for all children during the mornings, which will take part every week, like our French class or the " Letterland " class, where the children learn about the letters in the Alphabet, and how to write them down. 

There are also Yoga classes and other activities, like sewing and other textile crafts. Textile projects in the past have included personalised shopping bags, egg cosies for Easter and slipper bags to store the children's slippers to keep the hallway tidy.

We also have special birthday celebrations and leaving ceremonies marking an individual child's rite of passage. 

While the children have the freedom to work indoors or outdoors according to their choice, some activities like group time or celebrations are supposed to be attended by all children. These gatherings are announced by sounding chimes to call the children to come inside or tidy up. A separate sound announces snack time. Snack is prepared by the children themselves, even the little ones take turns to prepare bread and butter, cut apples or cucumber and pour juice and water.