What We Offer

The Freedom to Develop Naturally

Early experiences affect children’s attitudes to learning and they create the basis for later learning in school and beyond. The Montessori method offers freedom for the child to develop naturally in an environment designed to satisfy their needs.

Children direct their own learning, choosing activities from our well-ordered and well-stocked classrooms, whilst the job of the teacher is to introduce materials and then observe and direct their work.

The Montessori Curriculum

We have successfully integrated the Montessori curriculum, without diluting it in any way, with the Government’s ‘early learning goals’ in a way that prepares children for their journey through to primary school. We work towards children reaching all the early learning goals by the end of their time in our nursery school.

Many children will go beyond them and the school’s experienced teachers are ready and able to provide new challenges. We are a member of Reading Early Years Partnership, the Pre-School Learning Alliance, the National Day Nurseries Association and the Montessori Schools Association.

Outdoor and Indoor Learning go Hand in Hand

Our large garden provides ample opportunity for outdoor learning and children are able to go outside every day. Children are encouraged to grow plants in their own garden, pet our resident rabbits, or just burn off any extra energy!  Indoors we offer a wide variety of Montessori learning materials and activities, a lovely reading corner, a cooking area and more pets to look after.

Our specialist and visiting teachers offer extra-curricular activities such as cookery, French, yoga and music. Regular outings are organised and objects from Reading Museum’s collection are brought in for the children to explore.